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etween the 〓EU and the US".■US President Dona●ld Trump signed ◆an executive ord■er on May 15 〓to ban the technolo◆gy and services of "■foreign adversa

ries●" deemed to pose na〓tional security risk●s. The US ●Commerce Department ●consequentl■y added Huawei and ■70 affiliates to ●its Entity 〓List, banning H●uawei from ●buying parts ◆and techno●logy from US firms w◆ithout government ●approval. The ◆US later granted a■ 90-day re●prieve of the ●ban.Last wee○k, Trump and Secre●tary of State Mi〓ke Pompeo continued〓 to pressure EU l◆eaders to fol○low suit or f■ace consequences

ional 5G rollo

○, such as by Wash●ington halt〓ing US int●elligence shar○ing.Many in● Europe have ◆concluded that th◆e US placed● the ban on Huawei ●in order to curt〓ail China's rise■ and maintai●n US techn◆ology dominance

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■.Germany, France an●d the Unite○d Kingdom have ●so far rejec○ted a total ban of H〓uawei. German Chance●llor Angela Me●rkel has sa■id companies● that meet e●stablished safet■y criteria could tak◆e part in ●tenders for● building German◆y's 5G network.T○he BDI, the fe◆der

ation of German○ industries,○ said "Europe needs ◆to maintain its● own course" a〓nd the EU woul●d decide inde●pendently w●hich compan●ies it would allo○w to build 5G● network inf◆rastructure●.Shada Islam, di●rector of Europe ◆and geopolitic◆s at Frien?/p>

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